Today at Google’s I/O conference, Sergey Brin took the stage to demo an amazing experience with Google Glass, the company’s forthcoming augmented reality project. But the big news is that, for US-based developers attending I/O, they’ll be able to order them today for $1,500.

Yes, you read that correctly. Google is opening the Glass doors to US-based developers who are attending Google I/O. According to Brin, the US-only restriction is due to regulatory concerns with other countries.

Now it’s well worth noting that what’s being shipped to developers is absolutely not a consumer product. It’s also not a consumer price point. But what it is is a compelling, real-world product that developers will be able to build with starting very soon.

It’s assurance that Glass shouldn’t become vaporware, and that’s an incredibly reassuring proposition when it comes to something that could be the most exciting technology product for consumers in years.