Google has shipped a nice little tweak to how it displays its detailed local information results for places on the mobile web. With the new interface, you can search for a place locally, view the details of it, then flick through the list of local results similar to it with a simple swipe.

This design replaces you having to tap on one local result, read any info about it like hours and reviews, and then back out to the list again to click on another item.

Now, you search for something like ‘restaurants’ and you’re presented with your standard list of options. Click on one to bring it up and read the results and you’ll see a small arrow along the right side of the screen, inviting you to flick through to the next result.

Start flipping through and you can quickly navigate the detail pages for a list of local results without having to back out to the results page. It’s a small tweak, to be sure, but one that greatly improves your speed when picking between multiple places.

This is important because any time you’re doing a search for places around you, you’re likely to be in a hurry to choose the right one for you. Any improvement in speed is a welcome one.