If you’re interested in what’s “next” in the world of technology, then watching Google’s CEO speak at this year’s Zeitgeist is a can’t miss. Of course, his talk was centered around all of the areas that Google focuses on, but that’s becoming everything you can think of, basically.

During his conversation, which started out with his excitement about having Project Glass (not glasses, since it only covers one eye), Page discusses the power of the smartphone and increased interest in all things mobile.

Before getting to Google’s bread and butter, which is search, Page discusses Google+ and the misconceptions people have about the social layer.

His 20-minute talk is titled “Beyond Today” and it’s definitely worth watching:

I enjoyed hearing Page bring up the slogan about having “a healthy disregard for the impossible”, which shows us that Google isn’t afraid to fail.

The fact that Page was wearing Google Glass (which is what Page called it) during his talk about the future is no accident. It’s going to be huge.