Google Maps for Android has gotten a nice refresh, including a redesigned Navigation screen in Android 4.0 and higher resolution map tiles that should look much better on newer devices. The update comes as Google reports that it has delivered 50 billion kilometers of turn-by-turn directions to users, the equivalent of those 130K trips to the moon.

The new navigation interface shows up on Android 4.0+ devices and makes it easier to select from favorite locations with just a swipe and to pop in new destinations more easily.

Google has also updated its mapping tiles in Google Maps 6.5, making them sharper and higher-resolution in order to play well on newer devices with better screens.

In addition to maps with more definition, Google has also trimmed down the number of labels that you’ll find at higher zoom levels. This should speed up panning, zooming and other gestures, while avoiding cluttering the map up so much that you can’t see street names and such. To get the new style immediately, you can clear your cache from the Maps settings.

You can also now set your preferred travel mode, whether it be walking, driving or public transportation. You can also tweak your route option to have directions delivered to get you less transfers or shorter walking distances.

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