Every NBA team but the New Jersey Nets join Google+

Every NBA team but the New Jersey Nets join Google+

Soon after Google+ released brand pages, all 30 MLB teams signed up. It looks like the NBA is following that trend, except for one team.

For whatever reason, the New Jersey Nets are the lone NBA team not to have a verified page on Google+. That’s a darn shame for a team partially owned by Jay-Z. Maybe it’s because the team is working on moving to Brooklyn and has no time for Google+. Either that or someone forget to tell them to set up a page.

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Regardless, the Google+ team has let us know that you can now circle all of the NBA teams (sans the Nets of course), plus the NBA itself:

In typical Google+ fashion, it has made a big shared circle of NBA properties that you can follow in one click.

The lockout shortened NBA season of 66 games is set to start on Christmas Day.

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