You can now browse Google Catalogs on your Android tablet

You can now browse Google Catalogs on your Android tablet

Google has spun up a version of its Google Catalogs tablet app that will run on your Android tablet. The iPad version of the app has been out for a while now, and it looks like this is a fairly similar presentation.

The catalogs are in the style of tablet magazines, with images, videos and a sort of cut-and-paste collage feature that allows you to build your own wishlist catalog to share with friends.

Think of this as a repository for 400 interactive versions of all of those catalogs you get in the mail and throw away. The app has catalogs from Nike, Nordstrom, Sephora and a bunch of other brands.

Honestly, the collage feature is the most interesting bit of the app. The ability to grab items from a bunch of different catalogs and share them with someone is a cool way to buy a wishlist with links to buy and descriptions of the product. This way you don’t have to have all of the items you want on Amazon or some other single site.

➀ Google Catalogs for Android

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