Google drinks its own Kool Aid, launches +YouTube, +Google pages on Google+

Google drinks its own Kool Aid, launches +YouTube, +Google pages on Google+

Google is jumping right into its newly announced Google+ pages for business and brands by launching its own +YouTube and +Google pages. The Google page features information about Google, along with photos of staff and internal events.

The +YouTube page will share news about YouTube, along with music and live streamed events. The brand pages are laid out in much the same way as a standard Google+ profile is, and by its nature takes on the form of one of Google’s official blogs. This makes us wonder if perhaps Google won’t begin using Google+ as its primary channel for official communications.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

But Google is hoping that the addition of the photos, sharing tools and circle linking that is inherent to Google+ will give it a much more Facebook-like atmosphere for businesses.

It makes sense for Google to launch its own Pages on Google+ right off the bat as it not only shows confidence in the program, but will act as a template for others to use to set up their own Pages.

Google has also shared a Circle on Google+ with a bunch of its own brand pages that you can check out here. And yes, if you were wondering, Google has incepted itself with a +Google+ page on Google+.

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