Simple Google+ Bookmarklet lets you share anything into your stream

Simple Google+ Bookmarklet lets you share anything into your stream

Bookmarklets are known for making difficult tasks easier, and this new Google+ bookmarklet is no exception. One of the problems with Google+ is sharing content with the service. There are some Chrome extensions, but no universal way to share things you find with one click.

has alerted us to the fact that developer AJ Batac has made a super simple Google+ sharing bookmarklet that you can use with any browser. Simply drag the bookmarklet up to the toolbar of your browser and you’re set to share.

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One of the best things about Google+ in my opinion, is that you can’t auto post things into your stream from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other services. When Friendfeed allowed you to do that, your stream would become full of redundant links and information from the same person. Bookmarklets and extensions are still a manual step, but an easier one than copying and pasting into Google+.

It will be interesting to see how developers build outside apps and features for Google+, and how many of them get adopted as future official features.

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