Marking what would be the 65th birthday of the late Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, Google has created an animated Google Doodle paying tribute to the man who entertained millions and continues to today.

Clicking on the play button on the doodle of Google’s homepage on Monday reveals the video below taking you briefly through the life of a music legend. Clicking it again sends you to Google search results for his name.

Google Doodle’s have become a great way for Google to keep its minimalist homepage from getting stale and a very smart way for the company to ensure its homepage remains relevant.

This particular Google Doodle however was given an inordinate amount of attention.

According to NBC the video is primarily the work of a team of illustrators led by Mercury obsessed Jennifer Hom who spent three months designing and examining previous footage of Mercury to make it as accurate as possible. The colors were selected to match his colorful character and even the song was specifically chosen because Mercury himself wrote it.

Mercury, was born Farrokh Bulsara on Sept. 5, 1946. He passed away in November 1991.