Over two years after it closed a previous product catalog search service, Google has today announced the launch of an iPad app called Google Catalogs.

The app lets you browse the catalogs of brands like Macy’s, Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters. The app even lets you buy online right from the app by following a link through to the retailer’s web store, or find a nearby store to purchase it from. Features include the ability zoom in to see products up close, explore photo albums and videos of products; create a collage of your favorite catalog pages and products and view collages created by others. You can also email products or collages to friend.

Google Catalogs is the latest experiment in getting into the retail market for the company, whose previous projects (beyond product search and price comparison services) have included Boutiques.com, a fashion store that isn’t even Google branded.

It’s unclear whether or not Google gets a kickback from retailers for any sales the app generates. We’re clarifying that point with Google. Google is inviting more brands to come on board. Interested businesses can fill in a form to apply.

Only currently available in the US App Store, the app will be followed in the near future by a version for Android tablets.