Google has just announced that it’s aiming to bring consumers a better way to search e-commerce on the web by updating its enterprise product, Commerce Search.

A few of the new features include search as you type, local product availability, enhanced merchandising tools and product recommendations.

Commerce Search uses Google search technology to offer a faster and customizable way to search. It enables your visitors to sort items by category, price, brand or any product tag you set up.

Online store owners can add a variety of promotions with the product to highlight special offers on the page. It additionally has built-in spellcheck tools that correct the spelling of each product. It does sound like a handy tool to ensure your products are found. Google’s Commerce Search product is hosted in the cloud which allows online merchants to manage their stores easily without worrying about “capacity or infrastructure”.

Today we’re building on the capabilities that have proved useful to our retail partners with the third-generation Google Commerce Search (GCS). With this new version, we hope to help create an even more interactive and engaging experience for shoppers and retailers.