Today, Google released a stable and very polished version of Chrome 8 that is now avaliable for consumption on all three major operating systems. This non-beta version of Chrome features something many of you out there have been waiting for for a long time.

A built-in PDF viewer that gets rid of the need for a companion application.

It’s also secured in Chrome’s sandbox.

Also in the framework, at least according to developers and Electronista (Google didn’t make it official), is support for Google’s upcoming Chrome Web Store. If you’re not familiar, the Chrome App Store will let shoppers browse apps of the Flash and HTML5 varieties in the very near future.

The update also is includes over 800 security fixes including ones  for SVG images and XPath. It should also shore up problems that users were having with web video. For a full list of the improvements and fixes, you can head right here and check them out.

If you have Chrome, you’ll want to go to the “About Chrome” section in the menu of your browser. And for those of you who want to hop on the Chrome bandwagon, you can head here to grab the latest version.