Google Instant has arrived on iOS; you’ll notice an Instant Beta (On/Off) option towards the bottom of the screen – it’s currently opt-out.

While it has made little or no difference to my life on the desktop, on the mobile not having to wait for a page refresh should actually make things that little bit easier. That said, if you user the Safari search field (as most iPhone users do) this isn’t going to make a bit of difference until Apple decides Safari integration would benefit the user.

Thanks to a shoddy O2 connection here in the UK, I’m unable to even access Google’s homepage to grab a screenshot, thankfully our Canada Editor Tris Hussey is a little more fortunate.

Google Instant launched in September reportedly saving the users 2-5 seconds per search.

UPDATE: Google just emailed us (and then posted a blog post with the video below) to say that Google Instant also now works with Android 2.2 as well in the same way.


More to follow.