Spotify Releases Chrome ExtensionSpotify has just released a new extension for Google’s Chrome browser that will allow users to search and find music in Spotify directly from their browser.

Once installed, the user can select the text of any band or artist, click the Spotify button on the toolbar and find a selection of tracks to listen to via Spotify.

Spotify look to be focusing on driving more users to its comprehensive music library, reducing the need for the user to open up separate apps and perform a search to listen to music.

I did a test search using the popular band the Black Eyed Peas, the results are embedded below:

Screen shot 2010 08 05 at 12.08.14 500x271 Spotify Releases Chrome Extension

Once a track is selected, a summary page is displayed:

Screen shot 2010 08 05 at 12.12.22 499x166 Spotify Releases Chrome Extension

You can download the Spotify Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Extensions repository, located here.