Google Announces Quarterly Earnings

Google is testing a feature that lets Chrome users save, share and organize their favorite Web content

Google is testing a new favoriting service for its Chrome browser. Called Google Stars (although the Google Collections name has also been used in the past), the new option appears… Keep reading →

TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Glenn Chapman, U

The inside story of Google Doodles: ‘A campfire for the whole world’

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Google is bringing targeted mobile app install ads to YouTube and Search

Google Holds News Conference

Google Hangouts for Android Gets Merged Conversations, Contact List

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google appear

Google Glass Gets SMS for iPhone and Calendar Glassware


YouTube Reportedly Developing a Version for Kids


Google +Post Ads Available to Advertisers with 1,000 Followers


Google Updates Terms Of Service To Reflect Email Scanning Practices


Waze Founder Hints Investor Pressure Forced Sale to Google