ZTE stuck a tablet on the back of a projector for no apparent reason

ZTE stuck a tablet on the back of a projector for no apparent reason

Here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona there’s always the weird and wonderful — this year’s no different. Chinese gadget maker ZTE has a curious new device: an Android tablet attached to the back of a projector.

It’s called the Spro Plus, and on the back you’ll find an 8.4-inch AMOLED touch-screen with a 2K resolution and it has a 12100mAH battery, though it’s unclear how long that’ll last if you’re projecting.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

It has some pretty loud speakers onboard (well, I could hear them over the MWC crowd at least), that might help if you’re watching a film, but it’s unlikely you’ll actually want to do that.


I couldn’t really figure out who would want or need this thing, given that attaching a tablet to operate the entire life means it’s got a much shorter shelf life than your average projector and might slow down over time.

It could be useful for if you don’t want any peripherals lying around for getting a presentation done, but given that you’ll need to get the materials on there in the first place it’s a pretty hard sell.

There’s no price or date available for the projector, so if you’re really eager on it you’ll have to wait until a vague “Summer 2016” to get your own.

➀ Spro Plus [ZTE]

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