All I want for Christmas is LG’s adorable cat toy

All I want for Christmas is LG’s adorable cat toy

The LG Rolling Bot is a new gadget that looks a lot like a BB-8 and rolls around your house to entertain your pet — or for home surveillance.

It’ll only work if you’ve got a G5, but has a built in camera so you can speed around your house in real-time to stalk pets or keep an eye on things.

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On top of that, it can control compatible LG appliances, like TVs, so you can turn them on and change the channel from afar.

It looks like an amazing way to entertain your cat if you’re away at work a lot, and I want one right now — though I’m not sure I’d switch phones for it.

LG didn’t say how much it’ll cost for the Rolling Bot or when it’ll be available.

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