Sony’s PlayStation 4 now supports 3D Blu-ray films

Sony’s PlayStation 4 now supports 3D Blu-ray films

If you’re a movie buff with a PlayStation 4, listen up. Sony is rolling out a system update for the console that adds a long-awaited feature: 3D Blu-ray support.

Admittedly, 3D televisions have never taken off. The industry thought it would be the next big driver for TV upgrades after high-definition, but it seems all eyes are turning to 4K now. Nevertheless, 3D movies are still prevalent in theaters – it adds to the spectacle and is an easy way to charge a few extra bucks – so the technology has wriggled its way into the home cinema scene too.

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Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that its Xbox One gaming console would receive 3D Blu-ray support in August. Although Sony has beaten them to the punch, it shouldn’t be long before Xbox One fans have the same privileges.

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