The dual-screen, e-ink display-equipped YotaPhone from Russian handset maker Yota Devices is now available to buy in the UK via its website.

We knew it was due to hit the UK’s shores soon, but weren’t sure exactly when. Today, as it turns out, is the day that you can snap one up for £419. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that it would also be on sale in Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Nordic countries and the Middle East in the coming weeks. It has been available in Russia, Germany, France, Austria and Spain since December last year.

While the device certainly is a little different to most on the market, there’s already a successor in the works that’s due to arrive at the end of this year. The YotaPhone 2 sports a full touch e-ink rear display, making it a whole lot more useful for things like responding to messages, but if you decide to opt for the first generation model, the company said it will be offering an upgrade program so that buyers can get the second generation at “a significant discount” when it eventually goes on sale.

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