DISH has started rolling out an update for its Hopper DVR which brings support for HDMI-CEC and some design and navigation tweaks to the interface.

The support for HMDI-CEC means it’ll no longer be necessary to manually switch inputs on your TV. Instead, just switching on the Hopper will change the channel to the correct input. Also included in the update is a slight change to the way some content is displayed within the On Demand section, which are now organized in rows, or shelves, with movie and show tiles displayed horizontally across the screen.

The update also brings support for Dish’s Explorer app to control all the Hopper-connected TVs in a household and tweaked search functionality which now returns results from all possible sources, including the programming guide, recorded content and On Demand. The results are then displayed in rows, like the On Demand Shelves.

➤ DISH Upgrades Hopper Software; Simplifies Navigation and Hopper-TV Integration [DISH]

Featured Image Credit – Ethan Miller/ Getty Images