Nintendo has announced that a smaller version of its Wii games console called the Wii Mini will go on sale in the US in the next two weeks priced at just under $100.

Naturally, it’ll run all the same Wii games as the regular Wii console, and buyers will get a copy of Mario Kart Wii thrown in for free.

Nintendo is trying to cash in on the lucrative holiday season once again and is likely hoping it can claim some of the original success seen by the first Wii back in 2006. It could also help stem the tide of falling Nintendo Wii U sales, too.

The move comes just one month after Nintendo said it would stop making the original Wii model, and stop distributing them in Japan and Europe.

➤ Wii Mini arriving in US with packed-in Mario Kart Wii [Joystiq]

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images