Pressy: The little button that wants to control your Android phone

Pressy: The little button that wants to control your Android phone

Pressy is a gadget on Kickstarter whose name describes exactly what you do with it. Simply, it’s a little button that slots into the headphone socket of your Android smartphone and allows you to carry out a range of functions just by press(y)ing it, once you’ve downloaded the app, of course.

It can be used to take a photo, start a voice recording, toggle WiFi on and off, change phone settings, and basically anything else your phone can do. It also comes with a special keychain that you plug Pressy into when you want to use headphones with your handset. When you do, using the in-line headphone control button (providing you have one) then operates Pressy.

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Currently existing largely as a Kickstarter project and a whole lot of hope, Pressy has a team of just five individuals behind it and celebrates the fact that it’s coming to Kickstarter as a true startup, rather than a fully fledged company. It’s looking to raise $40,000 and has so far attracted nearly $15,000, despite opening just yesterday.

Early adopters snapped up all the Pressy buttons available for $15, making $17 the lowest tier you can get in on the deal. Note that the expected delivery time is March 2014, though.

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