Sony has begun rolling out its new PlayStation Store update across Europe, offering PlayStation 3 owners a completely overhauled user interface, enhanced search and improved content discovery.

As part of the update, Sony has integrated its global catalog, which now holds more than 20,000 individual pieces of in-game or game-related content (including downloadable games, demos, add-ons and themes), as well as over 100,000 videos and TV shows.

Some might say it resembles Microsoft’s own Metro/Modern UI interface, but Sony believes its new design “delivers easier navigation, improved discovery and integrates game, video and applications like never before.” Improved product pages now offer up more information on purchases, helping users browse, buy and download digital content.

If you’re based in Europe, make sure your PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet, and your console will do the rest.

If you live outside of Europe, Sony says it will roll out the new PlayStation Store in the US, Canada, Brazil and Mexico on October 23, so you won’t have long to wait.

Image Credit: Kyoshi Ota/Getty