Facebook has introduced a new feature for advertisers that allows them to target ads to users on a specific type of mobile network (2G/3G/4G), thereby ensuring that creative campaigns are delivered in an appropriate way for different users around the world.

It already allowed targeting by device type, model and operating system of a mobile device, and it now allows targeting by the type of mobile network being used – it wouldn’t be much use trying to serve high-quality video ads to 2G users in a developing market.

The company said today that the new feature is accessible via its Ad Create, Power Editor and accompanying API, and that the targeting feature is based on aggregated group data about connection type in order to keep it all anonymous.


As well as helping to deliver appropriate campaigns, Facebook said it could also be used as a tool to push more localized campaigns.

For example, say a device manufacturer in the Philippines is launching a new model designed for first-time smart phone buyers. In order to reach people who may be ready to upgrade their phone, the manufacturer might want to reach an audience of people that use feature phones and also have access to a 3G or 4G network.”

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Image credit: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images