Facebook is having a major outage at the moment, with users all over the world reporting that while they’re able to access the site, it’s not actually showing any content in their newsfeed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 9.11.23 pm

The issue, which started happening over an hour ago for us, loads the site but shows placeholder images where your friends’ statuses should be.

Many users on mobile devices are reporting ‘No content in this feed’ messages, although some older, cached content is still showing in some cases.

BmN8LguIYAEqsDKImage via Twitter

It’s not yet known if Facebook’s having technical difficulty, but it certainly seems that way. We’ve contacted Facebook and will update when we hear back.

Update: Some users are reporting that it’s back, but there’s a slew of others on Twitter that are still having issues.

Update #2: Facebook just got back to us over email; “we are sorry that some people had difficulty seeing their News Feed. The problem has now been fixed.”