Facebook Makes AnnouncementIt’s no secret that up-and-coming messaging app Snapchat has captured the attention of Facebook — after all, let’s not forget how it was said to have wanted to acquire Snapchat in a deal worth more than $1 billion. In a talk at a Stanford today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shed light on the “privacy phenomenon” raised by Snapchat, calling it “really important,” TechCrunch reports.

Zuckerberg also says that Facebook will keep working on allowing people to communicate in a private space — which hints that we could see more from Facebook Messenger in the near future.

I think Snapchat is a super interesting privacy phenomenon because it creates a new kind of space to communicate which makes it so that things that people previously would not have been able to share, you now feel like you have place to do so.

And I think that’s really important and that’s a big kind of innovation that we’re going to keep pushing on and keep trying to do more on and I think a lot of other companies will, too.

First up though, Facebook has to reassure its users that it’s committed to privacy — and that could be tough.

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Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images