The fact that Facebook has more than 1 billion users is pretty insane, but things just got a whole lot crazier thanks to The Faces of Facebook, a project that visualizes over 1.2 billion Facebook users on one page.

The initial image that greets you is a fuzzy matrix of TV static-like dots. You click on the space to zoom in on users — who are arranged by chronological order based on when they registered on the social network — and, of course, their faces.

faces of facebook

The site is the work of freelance designer Natalia Rojas, who says she isn’t breaking any rules because it doesn’t store any private information, photos or real names.

It’s quite a head-trip but is testament to the huge global distribution that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network enjoys today.

Can you find yourself among the crowd?

➤ The Faces of Facebook | Via Hacker News

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