Facebook has confirmed that Gowalla co-founder Josh Williams is leaving the company, while AllThingsD is reporting that Instagram designer Tim Van Damme has also parted ways.

The firm provided the following statement to The Next Web: “Joshua has been a valuable member of Facebook.  We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.”

Facebook announced its talent acquisition of the location-based social network Gowalla team in December 2011. Williams has served as the product manager for Pages, Locations & Events since moving to Facebook. AllThingsD’s sources claim Williams plans to start a new company in San Francisco.

Van Damme worked for Gowalla at the time of the Facebook deal, but he decided to head to Instagram instead. Months later, Facebook acquired Instagram as well. If you want to learn more about Van Damme’s design process, you can read our interview with him in DESIGN, the latest issue of The Next Web Magazine for iPad.

Photo credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images