Instagram, under a steady deluge of mostly contrived user furor over changes in its terms of service has taken to Twitter – the irony burns – to inform the world that it has heard the noise and will have more to share shortly.

Here’s the company’s terse message:

2012 12 18 12h33 101 Instagram acknowledges user angst over its new TOS, promises to share more “soon”

The service, popular among the tech savvy, has been hit by complaints after a piece of its TOS was misconstrued by many to imply that the company could sell their tinted-photographs. For more on what is really going on, I direct you to this article.

Instagram will continue to grow regardless of this temporary quasi-crisis among a piece of its userbase. Facebook itself has endured worse and chugged on forward. Instagram will weather the squall.

When the company does release a longer statement, we’ll bring you the news.

Top Image Credit: hobvias sudoneighm