Facebook is today launching a new service for developers on its platform called Developer Alerts. The service will allow developers to get alerts when Facebook makes platform changes that could break their apps and other more minor issues.

The alerts come in three major flavors:

  • App-breaking platform changes – When Facebook makes a change to its platform that has the potential to break your app or cause issues, an alert will be sent 90 days before it goes into effect. Courtesy reminders will be sent 60,30 and 0 days before it shifts. Once you choose how your feature will migrate, the alerts will stop going out.
  • App status changes –  If you’re applying for permission to include things like certain Open Graph actions in an app, you’ll be sent an alert any time those submissions are updated. this goes for things like creating app detail pages for App Center as well.
  • Policy violations – Any violations in platform policy like privacy or whatnot will warrant an alert before your app’s access to Facebook stuff is shut off.

The alerts will be presented in a special section in the developer portal and will be threaded based on issue and date. When issues are resolved, Facebook will send a notification to every developer on the account. This feature is rolling out today and should be available to all within the next few weeks.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images