And the market liked what is hears: Today in after hours trading, Facebook ticked past the $20 share point, moving up several percentage points. On the day’s normal trading, Facebook, was up 3% as well, matching its current post-normal hours trading gains.

From Google Finance, here’s the current lay of the land:

2012 09 11 14h31 08 Zucks rapid fire interview answers push his company back over the $20 per share mark

The Zuckerberg interview at TechCrunch Disrupt, ongoing at the time of writing, was seen as a crucial moment for the young CEO, as it was his first trip back into the spotlight post-Facebook’s IPO. Putting this into perspective, if Zuckerberg had had a rougher time of it, and he could still find his foot in his mouth yet, Facebook could have lost hundreds of millions, of not billions, in market cap.

The company went public at $36 a share, spiking higher temporarly on its first day. Since the, Facebook has slowly deflated in the public markets. For more on Facebook’s IPO, check TNW’s previous coverage.