If there’s one thing that I’ve griped about for ages when it comes to Facebook it’s my amazement at how the site, which hosts more photos than just about anywhere else, can still manage to suck so bad when it comes to displaying them. But today the site is going to start rolling out a new photos display that should help make things look better.

You’ll now get a bigger display of images when you click the Photos link at the top of someone’s timeline. It looks like this:


There’s also a new menu system where you can see the photos that you’ve been tagged in, albums you’ve created and the photos that you’ve shared. But probably more importantly you can choose which photos appear when people click your Photos link by selecting the Highlight function which will appear when you hover your cursor over a picture.

They’re a couple of nice additions to the service, but the end result should be quite welcome. Now if we can just get Facebook to actually serve photos faster when you’re using arrow keys to scroll through them. Dare to dream.

Image: GOIABA via Flickr