Facebook is today launching a new social plugin called Recommendations Bar. It’s a pop-up that zips up from the bottom of the screen while you’re reading an article, containing other pieces that you might like to read.

The articles in the pop-up are collected from content that your friends have ‘explicitly’ liked  or shared themselves. This should theoretically help to improve the click through rates of the articles in the bar, as they’ll be coming from people you know rather than an algorithm that might get your interests wrong.

The bar is implemented by sites that choose to, and features articles from that site’s network. Facebook says that sites using the bar in tests have seen 3 times the click through on stories shown in the bar than through the older Recommendations Box plugin.

The new Recommendations Bar plugin is available now for sites that would like to integrate it and is also a part of the Facebook for WordPress plugin.

Image Credit: JHTL