It appears that Facebook has stopped supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 browser, according to our friends at The Sociable.

While this isn’t surprising since the browser is five years old, it is a bit of a hack for those who would rather not use Facebook’s Timeline feature to browse the site. It’s not perfect though, since along with dropping Timeline, IE7 also screws up the page a bit with extra white space:

Once you get past all of that though, it’s the same old Facebook that we’ve used for years:

Even if you’re not a PC user, you can spoof your browser’s user agent to emulate IE7 quite easily with Safari.

Just go to Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop Menu In Bar

Once you do that, just click Develop and User Agent like so:

You can even clean up that ugly white space by installing a script called F.B. Purity. That’s a lot of work to get around having to see a Timeline on Facebook, but if you’re geeky, have the time and want the challenge, go for it!