In preparation for the public release of its new feature “Timeline”, Facebook now lets you post photos to your Timeline with a past date.

That makes complete sense, since the idea of having a Facebook Timeline is to backlog everything you’ve experienced, turning your Facebook profile into a digital scrapbook for safe-keeping.

When you open a photo now, you are shown a “change date” option in the bottom right, which lets set any date for a photo.

Up until now, all photos on Facebook were given a timestamp based on when you uploaded it to the service.

This is definitely one of the things the company is putting in place as final touches on the full release of the Timeline feature for all 800 plus million of its users.

The question I have about Facebook‘s Timeline is will people actually spend a lot of time uploading photos and making posts about prior life experiences and meticulously date them? It sounds like a lot of work to me, and it will be interesting to watch how the adoption grows once its fully released.