The Facebook report card app: Do you have straight A’s?

The Facebook report card app: Do you have straight A’s?

We’ve spent our entire academic lives trying to earn good grades to please parents, please universities and hopefully please ourselves. Growing up, you could even get free ice cream in my town for every A on your report card. Now, you can bring that nostalgia back with the Report Card app, which generates a grade for your Facebook profile based on number of friends, photos, status updates, links, videos and likes.

Our friends at Simply Zesty first found this app, which already has over 490,000 monthly users and has been given 4.1 stars out 5. The app gives you an A-F grade on each Facebook feature and an average grade which acts as your total Facebook grade. It then lets you compare your score with other Facebook friends. Aside from that D, looks like I’m doing pretty well. I’ll be uploading videos soon, gotta get that free ice cream.

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