“I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread?  Hit me up anyway possible.”

In a move that could be part of  The Worlds Dumbest Criminals TV show, one teenager decided to advertise his needs for a Hitman on his Facebook status update. Nineteen-year-old Corey C. Adams of Pennsylvania offered to pay $500 for someone to kill a girl he had been accused of sexually assaulting last June.

However the young women saw the status and reported it to the police. Adams tried to talk his way out by saying he was venting his frustrations regarding the accusations. However a second Facebook update sealed his fate:

“needed this girl knocked off right now”

Adams’ attorney said that his client significantly limited the defenses that were available to him by his public Facebook postings. Pleading guilty last week to the rape and solicitation to commit murder charges, is the only smart move this kid has made.