Update: It appears that Facebook pulled the updates, for the time being. These were apparently “prototype” features. See our post with full details.

We’ve waited and now they’re here: the new Facebook fan pages, taking style cues from your new Facebook layout:

The new pages, which we first started to see roll out a few weeks ago with Ellen DeGeneres, do away with the tabbed navigation across the top, opting instead for the small bar of data and navigation on the side



The other great feature, if you’ll notice, is that you can now take part in Facebook’s Questions platform right on your favorite page. Got a question? Ask it. You can even create polls to get some detailed information from other fans. This is undeniably a potentially huge feature where both the page owner and the people who have “Liked” the page should find value.

Oh, one more thing: Facebook now gives you the option to “Login as” your page:

You’ll also likely notice that there’s no submit button for comments any longer. Like Facebook Groups, now a press of the Enter button will post your comment.

Those are the features, as we’re seeing them for now. We’re going to dig in and find out more information and we’ll let you know what’s worth knowing.