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    • SXSW, or South by Southwest, is an annual set of festivals and conferences that focus on a variety of topics, including music, film, interactive media, education, environment, and the startup industry. From its beginnings in 1987 as a small music festival, it has grown to be a worldwide leader in the many areas it covers. Thousands perform and participate, many independent films are screened, and future technologies are showcased. Musicians, actors, comedians, and a host other performers have been discovered at the festivals, and it’s a key ground for people of wide-ranging interests to meet and share ideas. SXSW events run for several days, and are held in Austin, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • Start date: Mar 11, 2016
      End date: Mar 20, 2016
      Location: US

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  • According to big data, the Web is making us less open-minded

    The modern Web is often lauded for the way it has democratized communications and provided a platform through which individuals can influence and reach a mass audience, without gatekeepers like the traditional media. The reality, however, may be somewhat different, according ...

  • How Pied Piper's sarcastic ad campaign has already won SXSW

    SXSW is technically not over – but every year, it seems we know the clear darling way before the festival ends. 2016 hasn't offered any obvious fan-favorites like Meerkat or Secret (RIP x2), so I'll just go ahead and nominate Pied Piper for the win. Pied Piper is a fictional ...

  • We played the emotion-detection game with Pepper the affectionate robot

    At the IBM Cognitive Studio at SXSW, the company demoed the Watson-powered emotion-reading robot, Pepper. More than 7,000 robots have been deployed at Japanese stores, cruise ships and hotels, with goals of providing guest services, entertainment, and advertising promotional ...

  • Is your data being used against you?

    We've had several decades of platforms and apps collecting data about us – and in a heavyweight panel on Sunday at SXSW, the debate turned to how that data is being used to both make assumptions about us and alter the products and services we're offered. In the introduction, Ashkan ...

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