Ever wanted to take a cycling tour of Berlin? Now you can without leaving your chair

Ever wanted to take a cycling tour of Berlin? Now you can without leaving your chair

Cyclodeo, a mashup service that combines GPS technology, maps and a camera to create cycling videos, has extended its service to Berlin, allowing you to take a bike tour of the city without leaving your computer or standing up from your chair.

While it might not bring the same cardiovascular benefits that an actual ride around the city would do, it does allow you to get a rider’s-eye view of what it’s like to cycle certain routes around the German capital. Or, if you’re a cyclist, you can create your own video of the city, but you’ll need to fill in a form first and be an approved contributor.

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Already available in a few other places (New York, London, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, among others), Cyclodeo’s Berlin launch offers more than 86 different rides around town, covering more than 200km in total.


If you want to check out the routes in Berlin, you can just select the city from the drop-down list on the main page or jump straight to Berlin’s city page, which shows all the routes.

Rides can be viewed by selecting a route on the map or by selecting a video from beneath the map view. Once a clip has started, you can jump ahead to a specific point on the route by clicking on the map shown alongside.

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