Kompany has officially launched its cross-language European company database, offering businesses an easy way to vet potential partner companies by accessing official documents like credit reports and registrations.

The Vienna-based company announced at the Microsoft Bizspark Startup Rally today that it is emerging from beta. Its database includes data on 21 million companies across 20 countries, mostly in Western Europe, and the startup plans to eventually cover over 100 million companies.


Kompany taps directly into official databases, so it guarantees original documents. As it builds out its system, the startup plans to develop its global company graph to show the various connections between companies and employees. An enterprise API will offer the verified business information to third-party developers.

While it’s difficult to see the need for a service like this in the US, small and medium-sized business in Europe could benefit greatly from a centralized business database with cross-country and cross-language support.

Kompany CEO speaking on stage at TNW Conference Europe 2013
Kompany CEO speaking on stage at TNW Conference Europe 2013

Kompany isn’t likely to win any sexiest startup awards, but it doesn’t have to. It’s providing a reliable service for businesses looking for information on other businesses.


Image credit: iStockphoto