A few weeks ago at the Dublin Web Summit, we caught up with Niklas Zennström, easily one of Europe’s most accomplished entrepreneurs with companies like Skype, KaZaa and Joost under his belt.

He now runs a high-profile, globally active VC firm called Atomico, which has made investments in companies like Rovio, Jawbone, Fab, Klarna, Hailo, Xobni, FON, Jolicloud and Rdio (and then some).

In this video interview, we ask him about Atomico’s overall investment strategy, geographical focus and what category of startups they back.

Niklas also talks about how the European startup scene has changed, in his view, since he co-founded Skype with Janus Friis back in 2002.

We also asked him if he misses being an entrepreneur now that all his attention is directed towards the investment side of the business.

Check out the video below to see whether he does or not.

Image credit: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images