There are tons of startup incubators and accelerators operating all across Europe today. Often, they are modeled after the successful Y Combinator early-stage fund, but sometimes there’s a twist that makes them unique, particularly when they focus on a single region or type of business only.

Anyway, I was delighted to find out today, thanks to GigaOM’s Bobbie Johnson, that there’s something called Startup Factories, which says it aims to be a “guide to accelerator programmes in the European Union”.

At this stage, there are a lot still missing from the list, and the guide does not include Seedcamp, apparently because the organization thought it “didn’t quite match” their definition of an accelerator programme. I’d argue otherwise, but hey.

Startup Factories, which grew from a research project by the UK’s NESTA, says its guide includes details of all the programmes it knows of in Europe, but invites anyone to get in touch to point out omissions. Let’s help them out.