Screen shot 2010 02 19 at 12.02.50 300x201 Microsoft EU Browser Ballot starts next week (screenshots)Microsoft has revealed details of its European ‘Browser Ballot’.

Following European Commission investigations into Internet Explorer’s dominance in the browser market, Microsoft last year suggested giving Windows users an option to choose a different browser from the off.

The ‘Ballot Screen’ shows the five most popular browsers in a random order: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera all feature. Users who feel adventurous can dig deeper for a full choice of 12 different browsers, all displayed randomly.

In an announcement today, the company’s Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Dave Heiner has revealed that the ‘Browser Ballot’ will begin limited testing next week in the UK, Belgium and France. An optional Windows update will be downloadable for anyone in those countries who wants to try it. A full, phased roll-out of the ballot screen will follow from the first week of March.

Once the update is installed, Windows users with Internet Explorer as their default browser will see the screen and get to take their choice.

clip image0024 thumb 01FF3E3A 300x249 Microsoft EU Browser Ballot starts next week (screenshots)
clip image002 thumb 20D5B218 300x241 Microsoft EU Browser Ballot starts next week (screenshots)