TrendStream, a London based research company focusing on the socialmedia 300x175 Infographic: Is Your Country Embracing Social Media?usage and take up of technologies, has released a smart infographic mapping social media access and involvement across the globe.

The graphic charts percentage usage of each form of social interaction against total access, country by country. The statistics are based on the data generated by an interview with 32,000 web users conducted by LightSpeed Research.

Forms of social media used in the study includes photos, video uploads, managing a social network profile, running a blog and using a micro-blogging service.

With a population of circa 1.3 billion (Source) China predictably leads the way with a high proportion of users with access using social media with only India surpassing them in micro-blogging usage.

In terms of the percentage of users managing a social network, Brazil lead the way with 59.6% of total users that are running a profile.

Even with severe freedom of speech restrictions in China, the internet communities bloggers are streets ahead with 46% of users with access running a blog.

India come out on top on the photo uploading front with 63.9%. Video appears to be a popular form of social interaction online in Russia with 39.6% of users, the highest out of the countries included in the research.

One trend in particular that interested me was almost a east/west divide in the use of social network profiles and individuals running their own blog. China, South Korea and Japan all have low take up of social network profiles though excel substantially in blog writing with the UK, Canada, UK, Mexico and European countries seeing a reverse of this.

To find out more and draw further conclusions, download the print ready PDF version by click on the screen shot below:

socialmedia1 600x424 Infographic: Is Your Country Embracing Social Media?