Rollip is a great little app, allowing you to create fun and stylishrollip screen1 300x180 Create Pulsating Polaroids with Rollip Pro polaroids, from your own photos, with filters and captions thrown in for good measure.

Recently Maurice Sikkink, the developer behind the site based in Holland, quietly launched a Pro version, with 20 extra effects, high quality processing and the ability to retain original file sizes too.

For anyone without a masterclass in PhotoShop and wanting to create some snappy graphics, Rollip let’s you do this in a quick and easy fashion.  Simply choose a style, choose a caption and download.

With a range of authentic and retro filters, it transforms your photos for a host of uses from presentations, home video editing or even handy web design graphics.

rollip mixed 300x300 Create Pulsating Polaroids with Rollip Pro With no auto re-sizing restrictions and high quality images, the pro version really takes the product on and offers just enough to warrant the purchase of credits to download the end result.

Aesthetics wise, it’s not the greatest looking site, but it does the job in a simple but effective manor.  He’s added the facility to preview your image in the last few days, which allows you to decide whether to download it or not before doing so which makes things a lot easier than previous and gives the service a more flowing journey.

Sikkink is planning more features and even considering a print offering in the future which leaves the potential for the site to develop a online image processing service which could demand notable interest and returning customers.

With a few tweaks to the user experience and a continued concentration on complicated photographic effects that are hard to achieve for the average joe, it could develop into a successful ‘it does what it says on the tin’ business.