In a move widely expected and requested by users, you can now purchase Spotify’s Premium service via PayPal, closing PayPal Verified2 Spotify launches PayPal paymentsany potential barriers to users wanting to access the extra features without using their credit card.

“If you’re in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain or France and have been waiting for Paypal before upgrading to Spotify Premium then now’s your chance.” confirmed Spotify on their blog today.

The UK have already had access to this payment method which has been well received and now covers the remaining European countries who up to now had not had access to this option.

It’s a timely move for Spotify, which coincides with a new advertising campaign released on Tuesday promoting the premium version.

From a business perspective, this inclusion is a significant one for Spotify with fears over their business model now allayed to an extent with revenue potential surely increased by this move. With PayPal having 193 million active accounts globally, Spotify will surely see their current 100,000 premium users rise.

The attraction of upgrading to the premium version is rising quickly, with iPhone and Android versions already available to members, with the very handy offline mode part of the mobile offering. Blackberry and S60 Symbian versions are rumored to be expected shortly too, which paints a pretty picture for Spotify as their catchment, presence and sustainability in the digital music industry continues to be impress.