6a00d83461fbf069e20115706d750d970b-800wiFoursquare is a location-based social network wrapped in social gaming paper. The mobile application lets you play by “checking in” at various locations when you’re out and about, and in doing so turns the mobile app into a city guide, loyalty store card and social connector.

Until now, Foursquare only been available in the US and Amsterdam but this week London will finally get a chance to play the game that has become somewhat of a darling of early adopters across the US.

Foursquare isn’t the only application looking to pin the location-based gaming arena, we introduced you to Gowalla last month and created somewhat of a buzz over which of the two would see success. Gowalla enjoys a more visual and attractive UI, along with being available worldwide. However, Foursquare has the majority of US’s geeks currently backing them and a recently announced $1.35 million funding round from Union Square ventures.

For now at least, I plan on using both until a clear winner surfaces.