Transaction service PayPal has introduced its own SDK today to support its PayPal Here mobile payment system and to help merchants supercharge their transactions and back-end while using the payment service.

According to PayPal, the new SDK for the PayPal Here card reader has an easy to use API that allows developers to integrate the payment system into other areas of a business, including other payment systems like merchant traditional POS (point of sale) systems that use a card swiper.

The system also integrates with the back-end of a merchant’s business by working with a merchant’s inventory and invoicing systems while helping manage CRM (customer relationship management).

By launching the PayPal Here SDK, the company is looking to go beyond online and mobile based payments. Like Square, PayPal wants to be part of a company’s transaction infrastructure.

➤ Announcing the PayPal Here SDK, Helping Businesses Get Payments In Person [PayPal]