Apple TV apps can now use Facebook for logging in

Apple TV apps can now use Facebook for logging in

Apple TV is fantastic for playing games or viewing media. When it comes to text entry, the set-top box falls short. Next time you log into an app on your TV, it may be with Facebook.

Today, Facebook made an SDK available for Apple TV apps, meaning developers can allow users to authenticate themselves via a social log-in. The tvOS SDK is roughly the same framework as its iOS counterpart, making it fairly easy to implement, but uses Apple TV’s process of forcing you have to visit a website to verify your initial session.

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In addition to log-in, the SDK could let users share info like high scores in games to Facebook. Developers can also tap into Facebook’s analytics tools for tvOS apps.

Facebook is saddling the new tvOS SDK with a ‘beta’ tag, but it’s widely available to anyone who wants to use it.

Facebook SDK for tvOS Now Available [Facebook]

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